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to protect the city's natural environment. san leandro joins more than 60 jurisdictions in the state that passed similar ordinances. >>> winter spare the air season begins today with tougher penalties for violators. management district has higher fines for people who burn wood during spare the air alerts. first time violators $100 fine or option of reading about and tested on the health hazards of wood smoke. second time offenders $500 ticket, the spare the air season runs from today until february of next year. >>> this morning sergio romo is still getting a lot of attention not for his arm but for the t-shirt he wore yesterday. the message on his shirt read: i just look illegal." the 29-year-old is an american born son of mexican immigrants, raised near the mexican border. he celebrated the bay area's diversity in his victory speech saying if there is one thing i can say about this team we are a great example of this city. [ unintelligible ] the t-shirt maker says he sold more than 100 shirts yesterday at $12 after only selling a few dozen in the two years since they were designed.
to plant trees to soften and beautify the environment. but she's opposed to a new city push that will force her neighbors to take responsibility for something that has always been outside their front door. >> i think it is an imposition for people who have inherited a tree. >> the job of tree maintenance belongs to the department of public works. but after years of public cuts it can't -- budget cuts it can't keep up with pruning trees in the right-of-way, let alone those on the sidewalks. but the supervisor said the decision to transfer the responsibility of 24,000 trees to homeowners is not the answer. >>> it makes no sense for us to require property owners to take care of street trees that they may not own, they may not want, they may not know how to take care of, they may not able to afford to take care of. >> wiener unsuccessfully fought for more funding in the last budge he. he said a parcel tax could now be an option. but that might be a hard sell. kate smith has already spent thousands planning trees in front of her home. >> the city does a great job of keeping the city streets beau
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2